A Big Thankyou...

claireHi Nicky
A Truly amazing afternoon...Nicky is one amazing Lady.
I've always been jealous of the Girls who can carry it off and walk out into the world and look fantastic, well for me that would never be an option..or so I thought.

The magic Nicky performed was absolutly stunning, when I made my appointment I told her she would have her work cut out as I am a 6 foot quite hairy 16 stone ish Bloke complete with a jelly belly (Working on that bit...Honest!!!)

Well first or all I was very very nervous, this is the first time I have dresses outside of my out four walls, Nicky made me a cuppa and discussed what look I wanted to go for but left myself in her hands because I though she would know best and I have to say the girl knows her onions.

First of all a wig was chosen and what a perfect choice....it turns out i'm not a blonde after all ! Make up next and Nicky is truly an artist it seems effortless for her with such wonderful results then onto the outfit, First the corset which gave me an amazing female figure and onto the dress which fitted perfectly then back downsrairs and on with the wig, next the moment of truth I stepped in front of the mirror and.....oh my god, i was stunned there was this rather pretty (well I think so) women looking back at me...i've got to be honest at this point I nearly burst into tears because i didn't think it was possible. An emotional moment for me, because this is what us girls all want to look as femme as possible and Nicky is the one who can make it happen she is fantastic.

On to the photos and Nicky knows exactly how to get the best shots and is so good at putting you at easy and making you relaxed.
I think the results speak for themself and I really can't stress enough I am really quite Blokey when it comes down to it. I wish i was brave enough to do a before and after but sadly not.

I could go on for hours but I will finish by saying any Girls out there who are thinking about it. don't just think DO IT! you'll have a fantastic time with a lovely lady who just loves her job and is so friendly and easy to get on with.

Thank you again so so much Nicky

Claire xx

Bringing the woman in me to the surface....

testimonials I just wanted to thank you so much for a simply wonderful time on Wednesday. I don't think I've ever felt so completely feminine as you made me.

I've had two other makeovers before, and they were fab at making me "look" feminine, but what I think sets you apart is the time you spent helping to bring the woman in me to the surface...and I can't think of a more apt name for the quite unique service you provide.

From the minute I arrived, you treated me as "one of the girls". During the makeup process, you explained what you were doing and what colours and tones would suit my complexion, and, er, maturity best. When it came to choosing outfits, you provided me with advice as to what would suit my height and body shape best, and we ended up with three(!) changes.

I have to say the pictures just make me look the best I've ever looked, and I can't stop looking at my pics and thinking...is that really me? And I'm so pleased it is, giggle! So, any girls looking at your site and wondering whether they should take the plunge, my advice is: dive right in, girls, you won't regret it! And at a price you won't beleive with tea and biccies provided too! So thank you again, Nicky, and I look forward to seeing you and bringing out the Inner Woman in me again! x x x


What sets Inner Woman apart from other services...

testimonialsHi Nicky, I've been to a number of dressing services, and my experience of them has without exception been good. As one of Nicky's first clients however, I feel uniquely qualified to tell you why Inner Woman is just so special. Of course, it ticks all the boxes that we want from a dressing service - the surroundings are elegant and comfortable, it's relaxed and unhurried, refreshments are endless, the garden is available for photos and the selection of clothes will suit anyone.

It's a safe haven, and has everything you could want on that basic level. However, what sets Inner Woman apart from other services is the whole approach to you as a person. Others solely focus on the outward appearance (just look at the titles of other services for instance). Choosing the name Inner Woman wasn't an accident - it reflects the fact that Nicky realises that dressing isn't for it's own sake but expresses the need to match our outward appearance with what we feel inside. When you're here you're treated as the woman you are, not merely accepted. That isn't a subtle difference from the way others look at you, it's a massive one, and transforms your time here.

Nicky will find the woman inside and mirror that precious part of you in an amazing makeover and choice of clothes. Her taste is faultless, and even now suggests outfits that I'm initially doubtful of but turn out to be stunning in front of a camera. I guess the real test of any dressing experience is how you feel when you finally leave. With some this can be a feeling of emptiness - that you've been accepted for a few hours and then thrown back to the real world. When you leave Inner Woman you feel better about yourself - not only that you've connected with a precious part of you, but that you've spent a few hours with a friend.

Faye xxx

jackie cross dressingNicky is the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.


Hi to all of you considering having a makeover: Nicky is the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. She is very polite and knows how to bring out the real woman in you. Her make up lessons and clothes are to die for. She is very professional and puts you at ease very easy. I went for my first make over at another place and was totally put off as I looked like chunky. As you can tell from my photos hopefully you agree I'm lovely. I’ve been going to Nicky's since March, and have grown in confidence, and am now going out instead of staying in alone. I’ve made loads of new friends and am really happy - and it is all down to Nicky.

Thank you for changing my life

Jackie xxx



jackie cross dressingYou really brought out the Inner Women in me


,Just a quick thank-you for a wonderfull day, You really brought out the Inner Women in me ! You added confidence to me and ref the question you asked, Carla needs to go further now !

Can you let me have details of your shopping trips etc and if you could do make-up tuition combined with another photo shoot i.e 6 hrs in 2013 then I would appreciate that too .

I wish I was closer so I could visit more often. Im on a diet now so I can use a corset instead of the body shapers even though they were nice too ! There are not enough words to say how you made me look and feel yesterday so again I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

You make a lovely cup of tea too!

Fond Regards Carla


What an amazing experience!

 After promising myself a makeover for so long I finally plucked up the courage to do something about it.Fortunately I couldn’t find anywhere close to home because I came across the Inner Woman website and I knew within seconds that I had to go. A few minutes to pluck up more courage to phone Nicky and within seconds I was completely at ease. She makes booking an appointment seem as easy and normal as ordering a takeaway! 

testimonialsUpon arrival the nervousness returned but after a chat over a cup of tea I was completely relaxed. Nicky asked what look I wanted but I put myself totally in her hands. Let’s be honest, she had the challenge of turning a near 16 stone lump of man into a feminine image. To my enormous delight she succeeded! 

We started by choosing a wig which I thought would be straightforward. I could not believe how different I could look wearing different styles and colours. Nicky recommended her favourite and she was spot on! I then changed into the underwear which created such incredibly delightful curves. Then came the makeup, what a pleasant experience to sit almost in a trance while Nicky took such care to apply my first full professional makeup.  

When the makeup was complete Nicky chose my first outfit which fitted remarkably well especially with the corset creating feminine curves that I never thought would be possible. Finally, on went the wig and I was allowed to look in the mirror. I was genuinely gobsmacked, completely blown away by the feminine image staring back at me! I know this sounds like TV fiction …. “there was a beautiful girl staring back at me”…. but whilst beautiful is stretching the truth somewhat it was definitely a woman staring back!!  

I had another two changes of outfit and Nicky sent me home with a full CD of photos which I have looked at practically every day since. I’m probably a little deluded but I think I look like a cross between Sian Reeves (actress in Cutting It, Emmerdale) and my own sister (10 years ago!). Nicky, you are a combination of artist and a magician! 

To anyone who is thinking about visiting Inner Woman, stop thinking and just pick up the phone now. You will have an amazing experience I guarantee it. The thing about Nicky is that she truly cares about her clients, she understands their fears and their dreams and she makes you feel so relaxed and inspired that you will want to visit again and again. 

Thank you! 

Yvonne x 

PS. Since my visit I have lost 17 pounds in weight (and still shrinking), I’m about to have my top half waxed and I’ve joined and posted photos on tvchix. I would never have dreamed of doing any of that before my visit to Nicky.     

testimonialsI can personally give Nicky the thumbs up!

Tuesday 24th April 2012

Hi Nicky. A very big thank you for my first visit to you last Friday that enabled me then to go on to a fab evening out at the Candy Girls club if full Steph mode as well as having a fab make over and a few lessons learnt during the afternoon with you.

Please feel free to add this letter to your website testimonial page along with some of the photos of your choice that were taken. As a famous general once said I shall return.

To any one reading this letter I can personally give Nicky and her company the thumbs up and well worth adding to your diary as one of the more genuine make over companies to try and use. It was only by chance that I came across Inner Women Cross Dressing Service - by doing a area Internet search as the company I have used in the past was fully booked, it was my aim to have an afternoon make over then go out in the evening fully dressed giving that extra special feel to the day.

It appears that many girls that go to Candy Girls have the same idea. On talking with Nicky she said she could fit me in even better for me as a mid afternoon appointment. On meeting Nicky it did not take long to realise that this lady knew her job, explaing that she had only started her business about a year ago after working for an established company for a number of years - what better way than to work for yourself offer a one on one service and make customers very happy.

Although working from home, all is very private and relaxing, Nicky quickly realised I had makeovers before and had my own set in stone ideas on dress as she called my comfort zone. But as her very very reasonable fees said there could be a few changes of clothes from her expansive wardrobe and my aim was to change into my own clothes for the evening, Make up applied, tea and biscuits supplied with lots of girl type chats, various outfits tried just look at some of the photos and make your own mind up.

I admit to not being a spring chicken, but what can be done is amazing. Well done Nicky. Lesson learnt. Nicky kept suggesting other outfits rather than my desired short tight miniskirts for the more sophisticated look on an older person - at first I wavered, but then saw some sense why not try, the last outfit I tried felt magic, brown top and flowing patterned mini skirt that was so comfortable and made me feel great.

It was only when I went to change into my own clothes for the evening out that i realised I had put on weight and did not feel comfortable, I asked Nicky could I borrow or hire the last outfit for the night, She openly agreed and would be returned the next day. A real life saver. This made my night at Candy Girls all worthwhile, with some very nice comments coming from other girls. I will be putting a version of this testimonial to Nicky and on my TV Chix profile: Steph_lovestowear along with uploading certain photos to chixs and Flickr for all to see. Well done Nicky. 100% positive feed back To all girls, there are many dressing services about as more of us want a little more out of life they are all becoming very busy, so it does make sense to really plan ahead for your special day. Apart from being nearly on my doorstep I will certainly be going back to see Nicky especially for some one to one make up lessons. I think Nicky’s prices are too cheap for the service given, so girls get a booking before she puts them up or just becomes too busy to fit you in. Hugs Steph xx

testimonialsI stayed for three hours !

Over the years I have been to many dressing services both, in London and in other parts of the country, but Inner Woman is by far and away the best one I have been to. I was a little sceptical when searching the web because Inner Woman is comparatively inexpensive compared to others but am delighted that my doubts were quickly dispelled.

When I arrived Nicky, who is an absolute gem, quickly put me at ease over coffee and then we decided which wig suited me best. The make up was applied after which I was taken upstairs to dress. I stayed for three hours and as I did not want any photos taken I was able to change perhaps six times.

Everything I wore was just so and it was great that the some of finishing touches were so imaginative and had real finesse. I was bowled over when my hair was put up, as this had never happened before. Each time I went back downstairs I could not stop admiring myself as my shape and appearance were stunning.

When the time came to do battle with traffic (it was around 5pm) I was amazed that Nicky even removed my make up. I didn’t really want to leave but unfortunately all good things come to an end!!

Jill xx


My day at innerwoman - by Dee.

cross dressing serviceHi ladies I wanted to share my experiences at Innerwoman with you. If you have never had a makeover before, then you are going to love this!

After a quick chat on the phone with the very lovely Nicky, I was put at ease and we made an afternoon appointment at which we discussed what look I was after. I was
so excited and couldn't wait for the day to come. Quickly the day came round and I was made to feel very welcome, we had a chat over a coffee on what looks we were going for and how many outfit changes we were doing.

We had decided to go for 3 changes for this makeover and some photos. Sexy sophisticated evening look, a bang on trend daytime look and a classy evening/office
look. If you have no clue on what to wear for your makeover/photoshoot, let Nicky do the hard bit for you, she will know exactly what will look good on you and can put an
outfit together for you, I guarantee you will look amazing.

So after a lovely chat about what we were doing for the afternoon, we promptly got down to applying the makeup, I slipped into a dressing robe and Nicky got to work on applying my makeup. Nicky is a very experienced makeup artist and really knows her stuff, it was an education just watching her work - although she does offer proper makeup lessons too - if you need some help applying makeup yourself.

Now if you have never had makeup done for you, then you will love this! I never tire of having my makeup done for me and done way better than i could ever do myself. It is also so relaxing! it feels so nice to be pampered and all the while i could see my face changing in the mirror infront of me, an amazing experience.

We then proceeded upstairs to change into the first of the three outfits, Nicky has an ever growing wardrobe of bang upto date fashions and the prettiest of shoes! I was in heaven!! Not to mention a great selection of wigs and jewellery.

Nicky had picked out a beautiful, sexy sequin cocktail dress along with black tights, silver high heel pumps and a gorgeous dark, long wig.

After getting dressed, my jaw hit the floor as i saw my reflection in the mirror! I couldnt believe it was me!! I just felt so sexy and sophisticated and was so ready for some photos!

Nicky also provides a photo service with her own camera, so once you are dressed and feel a million dollars, you can have your photo taken and have the moment preserved for ever! and can even take a CD home with you to admire later.

A further two oufit changes complete with wigs were done along with many photos, both outfits equally as stunning as the first, it was a tiring, but hugely rewarding afternoon, I was on a high for the rest of the day!!!

So if you are looking for your first time makeover, or indeed want to treat yourself to some pampering and maybe want to try a different look, I highly reccomend Nicky at innerwoman. The prices are extremely competitive, and will indeed be returning for another makeover very soon.


How Sally Blossomed.

testimonialsI have been suppressing my inner women for far to long, so on the basis that life is to short I mustered up the courage to contact Nicky. I explained that I was extremely nervous and had great fears about taking the enormous step to have a full makeover. Nicky said that she understood my concerns, confirmed her absolute discretion and made me feel able to go ahead and make an appointment.

Well having made the appointment I tried very hard to convince myself not to go and became more nervous about the step I had taken On the day of the appointment I nearly turned around having convinced myself not to go ahead with this mad idea, but thankfully I didn't.

When I first met Nicky I was still very nervous and could have quite easily have run away, but she offered me a tea and instantly started to make me feel a little more relaxed. With tea in hand we chatted and Nicky asked me about the look I wanted to achieve, which I explained that I preferred to leave it up to her. So the journey began.

Nicky first tried on a number of wigs on me until we found the one that best suited me and became the basis of my makeover, she then put a full make up cape on me and started applying my makeover. Whilst applying my makeup we chatted and Nicky made me feel much more relaxed and comfortable and I was amazed to start meet the lady I had suppressed for so long unfold in front of my very eyes.

We then went up to try on the outfits that Nicky had chosen for me, which were absolutely beautiful. Nicky left me to put on the tights and underwear and then returned to help me with my corset and my dress, we then went back down stairs. I was absolutely blown away to finally meet my inner women,that I had denied existed for so long. Nicky left me to get acquainted with her and at this point I could not stop looking at her in the mirror. I felt, enormous relief, I felt comfortable, I felt and looked like a real women.

I then tried on another dress and shoes which were beautiful and fitted me perfectly, back to the mirror to spend more time staring at this women staring back at me. WOW! I have had one of the most positive and liberating experiences of my life and I cannot thank Nicky enough for allowing me to meet my inner women, Sally.

Nicky has a great set of skills and puts you almost immediately at ease, my only regret is that I left it so long before going on this fantastic voyage of discovery. Now having taken this first step I will be going back to Nicky shortly to allow Sally some more me time, have some photo's taken and to continue to get to know her.

Nicky you are a star - Sally x

So relaxed, and so femme


Hi Nicky,

I just had to let you know i had a wonderful time to day.

You made me feel so relaxed, and so femme. Never thought i could look so good, thank you so much.

I will be telling ever one to try innerwoman.

Love Jade

Getting me to try things that I would have never thought of


Hi Nicky

Just wanted to say today I had a wonderful time. You made me feel so comfortable and feminine with in myself. Taking the time to get me to try things that I would have never thought of, but work great for me. I now have a good guide to what suits me. I left you on a great high, thank you so much.

Kim xx

Been there done it all - or so I thought !


Hi Nicky,

I have been cross dressing for many years now, so I am probably a lot more relaxed and more outspoken than many of your girls. I have a sales job and am therefore on the road a lot, so have had the opportunity to try out many different establishments. Rather than stay couped in some low star hotel, I enjoy transforming into Fem' Mode and just exploring the town. I suppose that I feel safe because I am miles from home and no one actually knows me.

I tried the do the make up myself initially, but felt that everyone was looking at me when I hit the town. Then when I went to professionals, I seemed to blend in easier.

However until I met with you last week, I felt that they all had one thing in common: they were more interested in making money from me rather than actually helping me look great. You see there actually aren't many professions who will do such makeovers, so they tend to hike their prices because they can get away with it !!

Your approach was so refreshing, because you not only love your work, you pushed me to try thinking outside of my box. I arrived with a "been there done it all" attitude which didn't phase you at all. You simply said Angie will you try an experiment for a moment, will you let me do your make up slightly differently and then when you were finished, popped the most fantastic wig on me . I was completely blown away, the transformation was amazing. I have to come clean: I thought that you were trying to sell me the wig and yet that couldn't of been further from the truth: you seemed to have a very clear vision of the looks that would best for me and were absolutely right.

Similar with the pictures, you knew exactly what worked best. Rather than shoot my ideas down, you graciously took the shots I had requested and then said can we try this for a moment and that position and so on. Again I was amazed by the results.

I have to tell you Nicky that your prices are far too cheap !!! I have been to many people and paid between 3 - 5 times what you charge and yet you are the best I have found - and we are talking over many years. So I will definitely be back.

Love Angie xxx

PS: there is also something very weird that I noticed: You spoke to me just like I was a girlfriend and I sort of really became Angie. I can't really explain it other than for the first time in my life, it was like I really was Angie, not just using that as my fem' name.

Simply phone Nicky and see how we can help transform you too: 07787 933 932